About Us

Techmo Engineering & Production

Delivering solutions for each specific problems. From a white piece of paper to heavy duty real objects, we make yours and ours idea come true by using 3d modelling, FEM calculations and.. our experience and brain.

Research & Development

Each step of our projects is carried out through a specific engineering analysis of the production requirements. From concept engineering up to the commissioning of the equipment and later, our approach is to create long lasting relations based on trust and respect.


Techmo is a world leader in the engineering and production of high-end “tailor made” mobile and stationary equipment for the aluminium industry. The company was founded in 1961 by dr. Franco Zannini and since the beginning was focused on providing original and state of the art solutions to problems related to metal production. Techmo was the first company in the world to conceive and fabricate specialized vehicles for the aluminium electrolysis in the 60’s of the past century. Nowadays Techmo products are appreciated by the most demanding aluminium producers, adopting every kind of smelter reduction technologies, located in more than 40 countries.