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With a solid team of specialists Techmo is ready to assist its Customers with every kind of After Sale Service for the supplied equipment. Skilful Supervision to installation, commissioning and training are the ordinary activities following each delivery up to the achievement of the taking over and the full familiarity by the end users.

With tailored class training and practical sessions, our trainers are prepared to teach the Operation and Maintenance teams how to use and maintain the machines.

Initial and final test examinations can be delivered on request to assess the starting skills and the learning level of the candidates. 


To assist our Customers in the maintenance activities like in auditing & overhauling of the machines as well as in the setup and the re-commissioning of equipment in case of prolonged period of stops, is one of our key point.

Extended support contract can be agreed with the Clients for a preventive maintenance plan aimed to minimize the wear and tear of your machines, significantly reducing costs for your company.

To strengthen our connection and support to the Clients, Techmo is also currently establishing new points of presence in the territory with warehouses and workshops in China, UAE and India.


Our Spare Parts Department is organized to quickly respond to the inquiries and provide careful attention for a prompt reply and service to Customers for optimum performance and productivity of their machines.

A “Blanket” spare parts supply contract can be agreed to get the necessary spares parts at the right time in Client´s warehouse at fixed prices.


Our After Sales Dept. is committed to Customer satisfaction and is always available to provide expert response to technical queries or advice as necessary.

In case of complex situations or specific requests for improvements, a visit of a Techmo expert can be organized to provide a well-focused analysis.